Maddison Project

The Maddison Project has been initiated in March 2010 by a group of close colleagues of Angus Maddison, with the aim to support an effective way of cooperation between scholars to continue Maddison's work on measuring economic performance for different regions, time periods and subtopics.

The Maddison Project database presented below builts on Angus Maddison's original dataset. The original estimates are kept intact, and only revised or adjusted when there is more and better information available. Angus Maddison's unaltered final dataset remains available on the Original Maddison Homepage.

New Maddison Project Database

The Maddison Project has launched an updated version of the original Maddison dataset in January 2013. The update incorporates much of the latest research in the field, and presents new estimates of economic growth in the world economic between AD 1 and 2010. The new estimates are presented and discussed in Bolt and Van Zanden (2013). The First Update of the Maddison Project; Re-Estimating Growth Before 1820, Maddison Project Working Paper 4.

Please cite our data as follows: Bolt, J. and J. L. van Zanden (2013). The First Update of the Maddison Project; Re-Estimating Growth Before 1820. Maddison Project Working Paper 4.

Maddison Project Structure

The project consists of a two tier structure:

A small working party of four persons who will coordinate the actual work to integrate and bring new estimates together and to update the output and population series on a regular basis.
The working party for the 'Maddison project' will be advised by a larger advisory board, which consists of a broad group of scholars, and which contributes and helps to assess the quality of the estimates for (parts of) the project.

A full list of members of the Advisory Board and the Working Party can be found here.